Horses And Stables


A stable is a building usually on an animal farm, where they keep the horses. The doors are usually made of metal and open inwards. If there is more than one stall in the stable, then the stalls will face each other across an aisle. The horses are usually tied to a ring fixed to the wall by one of its walls. This is called a stall. The stalls are designed to support the horses’ weight without causing discomfort. They may be with or without a back and solid (part of another wall) or open (a gate).

A stable is also defined as “a building for housing livestock”. Stables are the most commonplace to keep horses. The first time a horse is taken into a stable, it may be quite nervous or scared. It feels lonely and exposed because it no longer has its herd for protection. This is normal and usually passes within two weeks of the first time inside (although some horses will never like being stabled).

When kept in a stable, horses should always be able to see other horses. If not, they will feel threatened and their stress levels increase because they are cut off from the social interaction of other horses. This can lead to neurotic behavior; weaving (moving back and forth), crib-biting (chewing on fences), and over-grooming (picking at the mane and tail).