The Benefits Of Annual Boiler Service

Annual boiler services are essential in every household; however, research shows that a significant percentage of people rarely get their boilers serviced not unless an issue arises. Some people forget it entirely until they get to the shower and can’t get warm water, and that is when they realize that there might be an issue that needs to be worked on the boiler.

Now that you understand that annual boilers services are crucial, you need to know why they are essential. Over a decade ago, the United Kingdom made it compulsory for everyone using boilers to have high-efficiency condensing boilers. Before these condensing boilers were introduced, serving was not that necessary because they did not have many parts on the inside like the way the condensing ones have. They were not highly efficient but easy to use, repair, clean, and cheaper. Though, it is always a greater recommendation from most boiler dealers that at least have the boiler serviced once a year.

You might be wondering why most people are pushing towards boiler servicing. Still, it is always essential to have the boiler and your heater checked so they can give you the best performance and ensure high levels of safety in your home.

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Here is why annual boiler services are essential;

Minimize and prevent leakages

The servicing mainly focuses on the flue pipe; this is checked to confirm that all joints and seals are tight and do not leak any combustion gases such as carbon monoxide out to the space it is located. Now you might be wondering how the flue pipe may start leaking the gases; here is how it happens these boilers, when operating, produce condense, which is acidic water. Acids are corrosive; thus, they can start corroding the flue pipe, thus degrading and releasing carbon monoxide, among other harmful combustion products. These gases threaten human life, thus making the servicing very important in ensuring that does not happen. This is among the most important reasons for boiler services.

Condensing boilers are built with a condensing trap that should be frequently cleaned and inspected to ensure no leakage as it makes part of the flue pipe system. While the boiler is in operation, it produces water to clean the combustion chamber and ensure no residue remains trapped.

Ensure the expansion vessel works effectively

Most boilers today run under high pressure and are equipped with expansion vessels directly connected with the pipe work internally or externally. This means that when the expansion vessel loses pressure, it should be recharged so the boiler will continue working efficiently.

The expansion vessel makes one of the most crucial boiler parts, so its inspection is essential. When the vessel loses its charge, a lot of pressure is exerted on the pump, the inner water parts, and the rings in the boiler.

You must have realized that when the boiler is running, the pressure gauge that is located either on the boiler or its external parts begins to rise, and when it cools, the pressure drops back to zero. You can quickly know when the expansion vessel has lost charge; for instance, if you have seen the overflow pipe showing any discharge signs, that is when the charge is lost.

Check the boiler’s combustion rate.

One thing that should be done during boiler service is checking the combustion rate; this is essential because it is meant to confirm whether the boiler burns gases as it was designed to do. They use a flue gas analyzer to determine where it is inserted on the flue pipe, and the readings are recorded. If these readings are within the recommended range, nothing is changed, but if it is the opposite, investigations are carried out so that they may discover the problem.

The traditional boilers went through the process differently where the burners would be removed first while the flue ways get cleaned and inspected. However, with the condensing boilers, the flue gas readings can quickly tell when the burner needs to be replaced without any removal involved. But to ensure that you and your surroundings are safe, removing and replacing the burners every five years is always essential.

The annual boiler services enable one to get through various checks on their boilers; however, most boilers come with warranties today. An annual boiler service is among the things that will keep your warranty valid and shows that you are responsible in every aspect. After every boiler service, the respective engineer is expected to sign the warranty book so that the warranty will remain valid for the set period.

Making the warranties long-term has led many people with condensing boilers to consider annual boiler services an essential thing. It is crucial, but there are also many other things you should prioritize on the same. Ensure that the engineer signs your warranty book after the annual service before leaving because your warranty might not be considered valid if they fail.

Final thoughts

As you have seen, the annual boiler service is crucial, so you should not ask anyone to do it for you. Look for certified professionals and understand the whole process, what to check, the corrections, and the warranty book signing. This will ensure that you get value for your money at the end of the day.

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